Is your home ready for the 21st century? Are you interested in technology and the latest home entertainment products? Concerned about home security? 


Suffolk Audio Visual Electrical can keep your home or business at the front of advancing technology


Smart wiring promotes the creation of a cabled home network, which allows your devices to communicate with each other seamlessly.

Every home built today should have smart wiring installed. The amount of hardwired phones and faxes in the home is dropping dramatically, however there is a massive increase in the number of network devices being released in the market and appearing in the home. A home once had one desktop PC. Now it is common for a home to have multiple PCs and or laptops, smart phones, tablets, network enabled gaming consoles, internet enabled phones (VOIP), network printers and more. Media streaming devices, and media centre PCs are designed to plug into your TV/Theatre and give you access to your digitally stored movies, music and photos. Smart TVs are now streaming hours and hours of Catchup, Netflix, Amazon, and Youtube.

To utilise these types of products, you require a high speed data network integrated with high grade Television cabling to industry recognised standards. Conventional phone cabling or wireless networks can not effectively deal with the amount of high speed applications that are now required in the home.

The home now needs significantly more internet speed than the office. Entertainment requires speed and integrity of signal. Wireless is not sufficient, especially when multiple applications are occurring simultaneously. High definition video, surround sound and gaming applications in particular require more speed.

Smart wiring allows reconfiguration of the home over and over again as your needs change or as the home is sold. This avoids the need for expensive rewiring.



Proper planning of your theatre and AV room can save you thousands and give you a far better end product. We can often suggest things will allow a smoother and cost effective installation.

Features such as: Hidden cables, Correctly positioned lights, Hidden speakers and sub woofer


 Multi room audio allows high quality stereo music to be precisely or widely delivered, without ungainly components or big ‘boxy’ speakers. It’s suitable for even the most challenging room.

Audio throughout your home offers arguably the biggest immediate impact possible as your friends, family, or potential buyers walk through the front door. 



Protect what matters most with cutting-edge security you can rely on. Arm or disarm your system remotely and receive instant notifications.



Confused about phone and internet services? Do you need a TV antenna? We have the right information to help you get your home connected.



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